MediTox s.r.o.


MediTox s.r.o. is CIR accredited for the years 2018 – 2020.

Specialized surgery tract adjusted for veterinary and experimental surgery such as dental and bone implantation, experimental cardiology and orthopedic surgery using various species (rabbit, dog, pig/minipig, NHP) is fully available.

New method for mutagenicity testing – bacterial reverse mutation test by micro fluctuation method passed internal validation and now is fully available.

Complex reconstruction and re-equipment of experimental housing room for NHP started in September 2018. Proposed start of experiments in March 2019.

Internal education program 2019

Date Topic
27.02.2019 Rules for handling the test items
28.03.2019 Sperm examination in dog (sampling, preservation of samples, parameters of examination) and its importance in tox studies
25.04.2019 BCH, HEM, URI examinations in tox studies, v tox studiích, correlation and correlation with pathological and histopathological findings
22.05.2019 Changes in animal welfare legislation, preparation of experimental projects
29.05.2019 Internal GLP training for technical support employees
26.06.2019 Pharmacological influence of ophthalmological parameters (what we can observe in toxicology studies)
25.09.2019 Internal GLP training for lab technicians and animal keepers
23.10.2019 Vaccine safety studies (models, sensitivity, type of studies)
20.11.2019 Information from external conferences and seminars
11.12.2019 Internal GLP Training for study directors and young toxicologists